Tabs showing inside of a tab

If a tab set is unexpectedly showing inside of a tab, it's most likely because code for the app was pasted into the tab content.

When copying content from a web page, browsers can sometimes copy the surrounding HTML markup. This markup isn't visible to you, but it gets pasted into the tab along with the copied content.

If the markup contains code for the app, then the app will think it's intentional and render a tab set.

To prevent tab sets from showing inside of tabs, add this custom JavaScript into the app:

(function (tabs) {
  tabs.settings.init_on_load = false;
  window.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function (event) {
      .querySelectorAll('div[data-station-tabs-app] div[data-station-tabs-app]')
      .forEach(function (element) {

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