The Plans page

The Plans page is where you see the available app plans, find out which plan you're currently on, and change to a different plan.

BrowserThe 'Plans' page
The 'Plans' page

Each plan shows in a panel with the following information:

The name of the plan, such as Free, Essential, or Plus.
The charge amount in USD that Shopify will bill to your account at the beginning of each app billing cycle.
Features that are included with the plan.

An Upgrade to button if the plan is an upgrade from your current plan, a Downgrade to button if the plan is a downgrade from your current plan, or a disabled Current plan button if the plan is your current plan.

Clicking an action button will not immediately change your plan. You'll have a chance to review the new billing details before confirming or declining the change.

Shopify controls all recurring charges

Charges for recurring pricing plans are billed to your account by Shopify.

We don't control when the charges are billed nor do we have the ability to process refunds for charges.

Learn more about plans and billing.

All plans include

The All plans include panel shows a list of features that come with every plan.

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