The Themes settings page

The Themes settings page is where you select which themes have tabs.

BrowserThe 'Themes' settings page
The 'Themes' settings page

Instead of automatically adding tabs to your live shop, Tabs has a unique theme manager that allows you select which of your installed themes have tabs.

The Themes settings page is divided into the following three sections:

Current theme
Your published theme. Enabling tabs in your current theme will add them to your online store and make them visible to your customers.
Theme library
Your unpublished themes. Enabling tabs in an unpublished theme will not affect your online store. You can see the tabs by previewing the theme.
Trial themes
Your trial themes. Tabs can not be enabled in trial themes because Shopify does not allow the code for trial themes to be read or changed.

Enabling tabs in a theme

An Enable button shows for each theme that tabs can be enabled in.

When the button is clicked, tabs code is added to the theme files so that the tabs know where to display. After the tabs have been enabled in a theme you should see any tabs that you've created in that theme.

Tabs code will not slow down page loading

All tabs code is stored in theme snippet files, so it's rendered when the page is generated on the server and available in the browser instantly.

It is not possible to change tabs, settings, or styles on a per-theme basis. They will be the same for all themes that tabs are enabled in.

Tabs may not show after being enabled

Tabs is compatible with any Shopify theme, but many themes use non-standard product description code or have their own tabs system built in.

In these cases, the app won't be able to automatically find the product description code and the tabs will not show.

This does not mean the app is broken or incompatible with your theme.

It simply means that the app code has to be added in manually wherever you'd like the tabs to appear.

Learn how to add the app code manually.

Tabs can not be enabled in trial themes

Trial themes are read and write protected by Shopify so it’s not possible to enable tabs in them.

After the theme has been purchased it will appear in the Theme library section where tabs can then be enabled.

The 'Actions' menu

An Actions button will show for each theme that tabs are enabled in.

The 'Actions' menu

When the button is clicked, a menu will show with the following actions:

Disable tabs in the theme. Disabling tabs removes all app code from the theme files.
Update the app data files. Updating the app data files ensures the theme has the latest app code and that no data is out of sync between the app and the theme.
Scan theme
Scan theme files for missing app code. Other apps can remove tabs code from the theme files and cause the tabs to stop working. Scanning the theme adds in any code that was removed.
Preview the theme.
Style tabs
Go to the Styles settings page to customize the look of the tabs.
Edit theme code
Go to Shopify's theme code editor to edit the tabs code.
Disable tabs in all themes before deleting the app

App code is added to the theme files when tabs are enabled in a theme.

When the app is deleted, Shopify immediately blocks its access to the shop, so it can't remove the code.

Disable tabs in all themes before deleting the app to ensure that all app code is completely removed from the theme files.

If the app is deleted without disabing the tabs, any remaining app code will not slow down or affect your shop in any way.

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