The Tabs page

The Tabs page is where you see and change the way product descriptions will be divided into tabs. It's also where you manage your ProTabs.

The 'Tabs' page

Creating tabs

You create tabs by adding headings to your product description content.

The This is how the product description will be divided into tabs panel explains what will happen with each product description and shows settings that you can use to change the way the content will be divided into tabs.

The 'This is how the product description will be divided into tabs' panel

Create a tab for the description

When the Create a tab for the description setting is checked, a tab with the title Description will be created for every product.

The tab content will be the entire product description unless it's divided into additional tabs using headings.

The entire product description in a 'Description' tab

The Description tab title setting can be used to change the title of the description tab to anything you like. It accepts Liquid code so you can have the title change based on certain conditions or be translated into your shop's active language.

Use headings to divide content into tabs

When the Use headings to divide content into tabs setting is checked, each heading in the product description that matches the selected Heading type will create a new tab.

The heading text will be the tab title and everything after the heading will be the tab content.

Save time with ProTabs

If you need to add the same heading and content to multiple product descriptions you can save a lot of time by creating a ProTab instead.

The product description divided into tabs using headings

The Heading type setting determines which level of heading will create tabs.

Content before the first matching heading type will show above the tabs unless the create a tab for the description setting is checked.

Manage your ProTabs

Instead of being created from headings in the product description, ProTabs are created directly in the app.

ProTabs are applied to groups of products (or all products) and can be used for reviews, app integrations, custom Liquid code, and more.

Learn more about ProTabs.

The 'Manage your ProTabs' panel

The Manage your ProTabs panel shows a list of all of the ProTabs you've created in the order that they'll appear in on the page.

The higher a tab is in the list the closer to the left it will be in the horizontal layout, and the closer to the top it will be in the vertical layout.

Drag and drop to order

The order that the ProTabs show in can be changed by simply dragging and dropping them in the list.

Each tab in the list shows its Title, Label, Status, Language, Position, and the products it Applies to.

Clicking on a tab takes you to the edit ProTab page for that tab.

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